Additional resources from the conference:

  • A list of conference participants

Additional resources for a healthier built environment:

  • Street Films: Documenting Liveable Streets Worldwide (link)
  • Neighbourhood Change and Building Inclusive Communities from Within (CURA/SSHRC Research Project):  (link)
  • Wendy Young, Healthy Weights: Halton Takes Action, July 2011 (link)
    Memorial University researchers link income, exercise and breakfast to childhood obesity Researchers at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) have linked poverty and neighborhood or built environment to childhood obesity, but have gone further and noted that, for Grade 7 students, the amount of active exercise, reduction in screen time (computer, television), and eating breakfast combined to improve weight results. They also clarified their results around the built environment by noting that improved sidewalks to adult destinations such as the post office or grocery store should not be generalized to children, and that city and school planners should bear in mind the ‘playability’ of built environment improvements.
  • Urban trees and QoL:
    • Urban trees reveal income inequality, Per Square Mile blog (link)
    • Income inequality as seen from outer space, Per Square Mile blog (link)
    • Research on demand for urban forests in the US (link)


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